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Self Care and Intuition

Self-care and Intuition. You may be wondering what does self-care have to do with intuition. I would say everything.

I love this quote I once saw on the internet:

How do you create a life you do not have to escape from by listening to that inner voice inside of you. It guides you and wants you to align with what will make you happy and joyful in the long run.

Often in this world, we are so busy taking care of everyday life that we slowly let that voice inside us go dead.

When you take a moment to pause, to have quiet, to let yourself be with you, that is when you hear that inner knowing inside of you.

Ways to build quiet into your everyday life:

1. Drive someplace by yourself without turning on a podcast or listening to music.

2. Wake up 10 minutes before everyone else and sit in silence.

3. When you are in a store, instead of listening to all the thoughts in your mind, notice the sounds around you. What do you hear?

4. Shower in silence.

5. Drink coffee or tea in silence.

6. Garden in silence

7. Take a bath in silence.

8. Cook dinner in silence.

You may not be able to make every sound go away, that is not the point of silence, you may still hear your kids talking or the traffic on the street, when you allow yourself to be with you without added noise over time, you get greater access to that inner knowing inside.

If you are having trouble being in silence due to anxiety, check out this blog post.

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