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Using Intuition to Know How to Give

The greatest gift we can give to someone is our time, skill set, and attention.

We can’t be everything to everybody. However, our intuition can help us know how and when to be of service.

For example, I love people, and my friends mean a lot to me. So I want to be there for them. So this is a value of mine.

I have learned to take care of others; I need to take care of myself.

When anyone asks me for something, I tune into my body.

When I am unable to give something, I feel it. I feel this push against myself. So I have learned to say no when I have this experience.

When I first started practicing this, I needed to say no a lot. What is beautiful now is I rarely say no. When we take care of ourselves, we have more to give.

A hidden gem is when I give to a cause, a friend, or a family member I am there because I want to be and I am not expecting or needing anything in return.

Our time and attention from pure love are the best gifts we can give ourselves and others.

How to tune in to your inner guidance when being asked a favor:

  1. Pay attention. When someone asks something of you. Tune into your body. What sensations do you feel? Your experience of the feeling is it open, closed, or restricted? Do you feel nervous or worried about being able to follow through? Do you feel neutral, happy, or sad?

  2. Give yourself some time if you need it. Say something like, “Let me think about that.”

  3. Listen to the nudge you are getting.

  4. Say something that matches your inner sensation or feeling with kindness. I would love to help out or thank you so much for asking me, but I am unable to help at this moment.

  5. Need support book a free discovery session.

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