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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who has a passion for coaching people just like you on how to increase your intuitive knowing by teaching you skills on self-love, self-trust, self-guidance, and courage. 


During my last ten years of work with clients, I have found that people live happier, more joy-filled, and peaceful lives when they listen to and act on their intuition.


I have found the keys to following your inner guidance are self-love, self-kindness, self-trust, and courage. 


I want to make it easier for you to trust yourself by providing you with strategies that work, so this is an easy process that improves your life. 


Follow me on TikTok or Instagram under @livinganintuitivelife for my latest tips. You can also sign up for my blog or schedule a free 30-minute discovery session to learn more. 

Why This is My Passion:

As a child, I had always known that my Mom should leave my Dad. One day when I was about 10 years old, he got into a car accident and became disabled. Instantly, our lives changed. My Mom never did leave him and I watched this woman, who I love dearly, change. It was like I watched the light inside of her go dim. 

When I was young, I wondered, "When do people die?" Not when do people physically die, but when do people begin to "check out." I carried this fear around until I was an adult.


I secretly wondered if I would die inside. When would this happen? How does this happen? Why does this happen?


As I grew older, I watched this happen to my friends. Remember when you were young and you were so excited about life and everything felt like an adventure?


Remember when you were ready to take life on and you couldn’t wait to accomplish so many things? Then different challenges and the tough experience of adulting took hold. You stopped living your dreams and you let them die.

I believe when we stop listening to our inner voice, we let our dreams die. Our inner critic says, "I am too fat for that," or "when that manager said I was no good, he was right." We let other people become our voice instead of our own. Slowly over time, that voice that used to guide us dies because we stopped listening. 

During this time in life, there is so much fear. I feel it in the clients I work with every day. I feel it in my co-workers and my friends. I want to say, "Yes, right now is so very scary and there are many things that are not within our control."


When we allow ourselves to be still and be one with ourselves, we hear that voice and that voice guides us. "I lost my job, where should I go next?" That voice knows.


"My relationship, it is not so good what should I do?" That voice knows. All the answers that we ever need are within ourselves. I want to help you hear your inner voice again!

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Intuition Coach. Since I was young, I could feel and hear other people’s intuition. 


I can tell when other people are listening to it and when they have turned to fear. My goal is to help you hear your own voice again. I want you to know how to tune into yourself and for you to know how to be your own guide. 


Thank you for stopping by. I can't wait to be of service for you. 

In Love and Gratitude, 


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