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Intuition: What it is and How it Helps You Gain Greater Happiness, Peace, Joy, and Success

Intuition what is it and how can it help me:

Intuition is a sense that goes beyond logic. Intuition is our internal guidance system. Intuition guides us towards the options that are in our best and highest good. Intuition is egoless.

Intuition can guide us on anything. For example, intuition can know the best option when buying a car, looking for a job, running an errand, talking with a friend, and deciding whether we should stay in a relationship or go.

Here are some key ways that intuition speaks to you:

Knowing inside of yourself that something is not quite right:

I had a friend who shared with me the night her ex-husband proposed to her, she had a bad feeling in her stomach, and she turned away during the proposal.

She shared her partner at the time thought it was in happiness. She shared she had not tears of joy but tears of worry.

Something in her gut was telling her not to get married. She pushed past her gut, got married, and two years later, she was divorced.

Knowing inside yourself that something is the right thing to do:

For example, I get this open, happy feeling in my heart when something is right, and my eyes fill with tears of joy.

For example, a while back, I adopted a dog and needed to find a new place to live that allowed dogs. When I walked into this one apartment, my eyes filled with tears, and I felt happy in my heart. I followed through with my guidance and spent many happy years in that apartment.

This reaction is my own body's way of telling me something is correct and to move forward. But, of course, you will have your own response. So pay attention and notice what it is for you.

Someone saying something to you and what they say makes you go hmmm:

I remember reading Katie Couric’s memoir, and in her memoir, she talks about when she switched television networks, someone told her one network their stains were like coffee, and the network she moved to the stains were like blood. That was a sign of what was to come.

I remember one time I was switching jobs. I had a nanny job that was going horribly. So I switched to working for a treatment center. I called my previous boss and asked if he would be a reference. He said from almost out of nowhere, sometimes things don’t get better when you switch jobs. It stood out to me. I pushed it aside because I didn’t want to hear it. I was so miserable in my position I just wanted something different. Unfortunately, the something different I got was not any better.

Signs and messages:

When I was trying to decide if I should leave my previous job, I was scared and worried. So I asked life for a sign about what I should do.

I saw signs that said better work more play (I saw this one on a truck). Then, one day when I was close to leaving, I drove by a car that had said lost heart. The job I was in had lost its heart. As employees, we were not being treated with respect and care.

I wrote down every message I noticed as it pertained to my job. It took me about a year to get the courage to leave. Finally, when I did go, the signs came true.

After leaving my job, I was doing better work and playing more.

I got confirmation that the place I was working at had lost its heart. Someone shared with me how upper management would make fun of its workers and ridicule others.


Dreams have unique symbolism in them. For example, I had a client that managed a corporation, and she was trying to figure out if she should let a specific employee go.

Her employee had been outstanding. In the last couple of months, her behavior had become questionable.

She had a dream with this co-worker where her employee had a stain on her shirt. The stain represented her excellent reputation was stained. Within a few months, she let this employee go from the company.

Unexpected experiences:

I had a friend once who was trying to choose a new school for her child. She had a list of what schools she thought would be best. Then, she gets a letter that her child has been chosen for this one school she was not considering.

She declines enrollment. She gets two emails from this school welcoming her child (this is after she has declined enrollment). Next, a family friend they have not seen for years calls them up out of the blue and asks them to go out for dinner.

Almost out of nowhere, their friends start talking about this school, sharing how much they love it. The next day another email welcomed their child to this school. Finally, my friend got the hint and followed up and enrolled her child.

If you have an experience and continue to receive messages around that same experience, stay open and see where the signs lead you.

What prevents you from listening your intuition: Some key reasons you may not listen to your intuition are anxiety, fear, and self-doubt.

I was working with someone today who shared she had been working with a doctor for two years to help with a chronic illness. Her entire family raved about this doctor. So when she got sick, she went along with seeing this provider because everyone in her family was even though she had a feeling to see someone else.

My client shared how after two years, she listened to herself and went and saw a different provider, sharing she was given other options for her health that have led to significant improvements.

However, she shared with me her regret for not trusting herself.

Have you been here yourself? I think we have all had a similar situation. Maybe not with a doctor, but can you remember when you went along with something because you didn't trust yourself, later regretting this decision. It is a common experience.

Want to learn more about signs and intuition? Check out my free class at:

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