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Intuition Tip to Overcome Fear

Intuition is this silent knowing that sits inside each of us. How we access, it may be different for each one of us. But we all have this magical ability inside us, all of us, male, female, non-binary. All of us.

I have found that my intuitive abilities increase as I take care of myself and I listen to and follow my inner guidance. If you have spent years ignoring your inner voice, it may feel like intuition is some fancy thing. That is either hocus pocus or something only a few people have.

Listening to your intuition is a way of taking care of yourself. Your intuition will guide you to your highest good. But, unfortunately, anxiety and fear will pull you away from this knowing.

My tip is to write down what you think your intuition is sharing with you. Although it may feel fuzzy, trust yourself, intuition often starts as a whisper.

The sounds of the world, anxiety, fear, and other people’s opinions pull us away from our knowing.

Write down what other people are telling you; what is fear telling you?

My favorite question to ask myself is, if I do nothing and stay in this situation, what will my life look like in five years, be truthful here. What are the facts?

When we zoom out, we often know the answer to our question. But unfortunately, fear, anxiety, and other people’s opinions often narrow our focus, and we get so caught up in the moment we don’t realize the impact of our choice.

In closing, you have an intuitive voice. What do you think that voice is saying to you? What is the fear that is preventing you from listening to that voice? How would your life look in five years if you went with how things are now?

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