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Sleeping Dreams and Intuition

An excellent place to get inspiration and meaning is through your dreams. Many people do not think they dream. You may be amazed if you start writing your dreams when you wake up how much you actually remember.

Dreams send us messages into our everyday life. If you are working through something, your dreams may provide you some insight.

For example, I have been working on how I show up as a friend in my own life. I have a fantastic group of friends. I have had a few experiences that left me wanting to fine-tune my friendship experience.

I started having dreams showing me some unhelpful patterns. For example, in one dream, I was with two friends who I knew in graduate school. I have lost touch with them. What I noticed in the dream is we were throwing a party for someone. My friend offered to use her house, and since she offered her home in the dream, I was offering to bring and do every other task for the party. I was over-extending myself because she did one small deed or gesture. The dream was telling me to look at how I was sometimes extending myself in friendships. I could clearly see the pattern in the dream.

I woke up thinking thank you. My sleeping dreams brought me one step closer to fine-tuning the way I show up in friendships.

How are your dreams helping you? If you want help learning how to interrupt your own dreams, book a free discovery session. I want to help you know how to fine-tune your intuition so you can live the life you dream of living.

Have a wonderful day,


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