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Listen to that Inner Whisper:

Have you ever heard that small whisper inside of you telling you to go one way, but you go another because it feels too scary to listen? Or you think to yourself, can I really listen to that voice inside me? I remember once in my own life. I was young, a teacher, and I lived in a place that I thought was the best I could do. I had cheap rent in Golden, CO, and I just loved Golden. I had this crazy landlord. I knew she was mad. I thought if I put up with just a little craziness, it was worth the price of affordable rent, living in a cool spot, and near all my friends. I honestly thought it was the best thing I could find. I wasn’t listening to my intuition. A year before, I moved my intuition, and my dog was telling me that things were not right. My neighbor, who I adored who also lived in the other rental unit, moved and shared she couldn’t take it anymore - a sign from life to me. My dog was peeing all over the house in protest. My landlord would come into my house anytime I wasn’t home and send me crazy messages all hours of the day. I was on constant hyper-vigilance. I am not sure why I ever thought that was OK. When you don’t take action, life takes action for you. I didn’t think I could do better, and life was sending me all kinds of messages that where I was living was not good for me. My lease ends, and I was allowed to sign another contract thinking the stress was worth the cost, I said yes. After I said yes to renewing the lease, the landlord raised the rent, the amount of my deposit, and once I signed the contract she shared, she wanted me out in six months. Now I had no choice but to leave. I remember thinking I am stressed I can’t find a house. I remember saying to the universe, OK, find a home for me. I went and did a visualization in my room on the type of house I wanted to live in, and I let it go. I went on with my life. My goal was to rent; I thought this was the safe bet. I live in Colorado; I knew how hard it was to buy a home. I kept open and was listening for guidance from my inner voice. I was talking to my friend, and she shared with me, “Hannah, I think you should buy a house.” As she said that to me, something inside me said, listen up. While I had my doubts I was almost sure I was going to rent, I took some steps such as calling a realtor and a mortgage company to see what it would take to buy a home. Two months later, the realtor I knew gave me a call and said Hannah, I think I have found the perfect home for you? Want to go look at it? The next day we went to look at two homes. The second home, I had this feeling in my body, I was excited, and I knew if I was to buy a home; this was the home I wanted to buy. I remember saying to my friend I wish I could see a sign that said buy or rent. You wouldn’t believe it that night I saw a sign that said buy and then I got behind a car that said believe. We put an offer on the house, and to my surprise, my offer was accepted. During this time, life was giving me all kinds of signs that I was on the right track. When I was walking into the mortgage company, I saw a truck that said: “keep the faith.” On my way to the bank, I saw a license plate that said yippee! When I let go and trusted in myself and my intuition, I was able to find the perfect new place to live that was better than I could have ever imagined. As I am sitting here in this space of Covid-19 wondering about my life and how I should proceed and what choices I should make I am reminded that life is talking to me, that my intuition is worth listening to and just like before when I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I was going to do it, that I have a compass inside myself that is guiding me and if I listen it will eventually all be OK.

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