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Intuition and Covid-19

Updated: May 27, 2020

Intuition and Covid-19

When the start of Covid-19 happened, I asked myself what my number one goal was for this time. I decided my number one goal was to practice enough self-care so I could show up for the people in my life and my job. It has been a work in progress. Trust me, I have had days where I spent different parts of the day in tears. Each day, no matter what, I would get quiet and ask myself what I needed. I would use my intuition to improve my mental health. 

Here is what I do every day and each weekend I ask myself what is my goal for the day or this weekend, what is it I hope to accomplish? Sometimes, that inner whisper says to spend the whole weekend just watching TV, which was my goal for one weekend. If you knew me, you would know I don’t spend a lot of time watching tv. My spirit needed the rest and to zone out, and I allowed myself to just zone out for the weekend. Other times my intuition whispered clean out your storage shed, go for a walk, weed the garden, write some cards to a friend, create a zoom call with someone you love. 

My intention of taking care of myself through this time leads to different answers from my inner voice; sometimes, it is just spending the day reading. Other times it is finishing a project I have always wanted to accomplish. 

 How are you using your intuition to get through this time? 

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