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Dreams and Intuition

I am trying to make a big decision about something in my life and decide what the right course of action will be for me. When I feel nervous, one activity I like for facing fear and trusting my intuition that a friend shared with me is when you doubt your ability to make a choice; think about all the times you trusted your intuition and the situation worked out.

It is incredible for me how many times I have had a dream that I have held lightly, and by following my nudges, those dreams came into reality.

For example, when I was a kid, I took French as I wanted to visit France. I struggled with learning the language. I never made it far enough along in learning the subject to take a class trip with your foreign language class. I held the dream lightly in my heart.

It wasn’t something I drew a picture of or had a vision board for. I didn’t even know about that technique at the time. I just thought one day I would like to go to France. One day towards the end of my undergraduate career, I walked down a hallway, and I saw some department offering an 11-day spring break trip to Paris, France.

Something lit up for me inside, and I went to the information meeting, and I went to Paris for 11 days. It was a wonderful experience.

Another experience I had with traveling is I had a friend one time go on a trip to Africa over the summer with a group of teachers, and the entire trip was paid for by a grant. I applied the next year to go on the trip, but my application wasn’t accepted. I held lightly that one day I wanted to take a trip that was paid for during the summer when I was a school counselor. Like above, an opportunity appeared almost out of nowhere, where a teacher in the school had a connection. She was doing the programming for a summer camp in China and was recruiting educators to teach the summer camp over three weeks, all expenses paid and a small stipend. It was another fantastic experience. Again no fancy vision boards or drawings, just a lightly held dream in my heart that I let go of. Through listening, my intuition brought me the experience I was looking had hoped for.

What I am reminding myself of today as I try to decide, if you have a dream, remember your intuition wants to help you. You don’t have to push at it or spend hours thinking about what you hope for; just hold it lightly in your heart and ask yourself, what is my next step?

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