5 Tips for Increasing Your Intuition:

Updated: May 22, 2020

Whenever I have a decision to make in my life I take time to turn inwards. I find that when I allow myself to listen to my inner voice, I am guided to my highest good. 

For example, when I was 19, I was living in Moorhead, MN. I was in an undergraduate program for elementary education, and I had decided I wanted to spend the summer being a nanny outside of MN. I was thinking about the east coast or in another country. I had three opportunities present themselves, one on the east coast, one in France, and the other in Colorado. I remember wanting to go to France as it had always been a dream of mine.

When I got quiet and asked myself where would be the best place for me to nanny this summer, the soft voice inside me said Colorado. 

 You would think I would be happy that my intuition was so clear that I was receiving guidance. I honestly thought this was the most ridiculous answer I could have received. Why would I want to nanny in Colorado when I could nanny in France? I just didn't understand. 

I followed my inner guidance, and I discovered the place where I wanted to create roots, made amazing friends. I see now how that experience set me up for so many other beautiful experiences in my life. 

Here is how I listen to my intuition:

  1. I get quiet. Ask yourself- how can I build some quiet into my life? Can I sit out on the porch for 5 minutes every morning and just listen to the birds, go for a walk or bike ride (while spending part of the time not listening to your headphones.)

  2. I make sleep a priority. When I am exhausted and emotional, it is tough for me to hear my inner voice. You may be saying to yourself that there is no way possible, and I understand that, so ask yourself what you can do to create a little more relaxation in your life? You may have to get creative. Maybe you take time every day to take 3, 1-minute deep breathing breaks. Make that apple/fib bit watch useful. 

  3. I eat healthy. We are all different, so what is healthy for me may not be healthy for you. I do know when I eat a lot of sugar, it cuts me off from my intuition. What is your intuition kill food? 

  4. I take social media breaks. Pick a social media-free day during your week and stick to it. You may be wondering to yourself- how will this be helpful to me? I have found that when I am trying to make decisions or get the courage to do something new, there is nothing like some random post to take my excitement away. I start to compare myself to someone else's life. When I compare myself to someone else, I take away my intuition power. How do social media posts affect you? 

  5. I give myself space. When I want an answer to a question I am wondering about, I have the habit of going into panic mode. Intuition is still, peaceful, and not worried. If you're coming from that worrying space, I hate to break it to you, but that is probably not your intuition.

What are your favorite ways to increase your intuition power? 

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