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When Life Flows That is a Sign

When things flow into your life that is a sign from life that something is right.

(One word of caution if something feels too good to be true like you are being love-bombed in a new relationship or being scammed with too good of a deal, this is not what I am talking about, ask for some signs and tune in)

I have noticed a theme in my life when things are meant to be they flow. For example, in January, I adopted this adorable puppy.

The entire experience was an experience of flow. I did my part by responding to the post, following up on requests, responding to messages. I didn’t have to push at it. It just happened. I have had the same experience with buying my house, the last job offer I accepted, etc.

Flow and some challenges are different. Everything flowed for me adopting Adi. It was right for my life. When I got her home, she had been spade earlier that week, and there was a complication with her spade, and I had to bring her to the animal ER. Everything turned out OKAY. Challenges may still come if it flows. If the doors open, if you don’t have to fight for it to happen, this could be a sign that this experience you are having is meant for you.

If you wonder if something is the right decision for you, ask yourself: Am I putting in enough effort to get results? Is it flowing? Are things coming together, moving?

If things are not coming together or flowing, ask life for signs.

It may not be that you need to give up, but maybe you need to take a different direction or give it more time.

For example, I was once working with a client, and they had moved to Colorado from the East Coast. They were determined to move into this one particular area in Colorado. But it wasn’t working. They were constantly outbid.

They wanted to make friends. But unfortunately, they were not making friends, they were working so hard to make it work, and nothing was coming together.

I gently shared with them Colorado is an excellent state with many great neighborhoods. I encouraged them to research other neighborhoods in the area.

Within six months of researching, they found another town nearby to buy a home. While not what they had initially planned, the experience was better than they could have imagined.

They made friends with the neighbors, their kids loved their new school, and Colorado started to feel like home for them. It wasn’t that moving to Colorado was the wrong choice. Things were not flowing as they needed to look at other options.

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